iPhone + Book = Phone Book




這是名符其實的一本 iPhone Book,既有iPhone app的互動元素,又有傳統繪本故事書的親切溫馨感,此為之科技以人為本吧。



5 thoughts on “iPhone + Book = Phone Book”

  1. Hi there

    Thanks a lot for posting the “PhoneBook” video on your Blog.
    I wish the kid in the video my nephew, my younger brother’s son.
    The kid so enjoyed this lovely book. The combination is indeed AMAZING!

    By the way, I subscribed to your blog some time ago, and then to your wife’s.
    You and your wife are a lovely couple.
    Best wishes to you both ^_^

  2. @Joanna Thanks for your support and kind words. My wife and I is very different. I think her blog has more characters than mine. I am just a social reporter. Ha ha…

  3. @Mantalks Yes…I saw that one earlier. I think it is just ok lar. Too much like a SCAM. But it is fun thou.

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